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Our projects invite people to appreciate the beauty of timeless design.

Mobtakeron Realty LLC. specialized in the field of real estate development and investment. It was established in 2005 with a focus and aims to develop exemplary and quality real estate projects and innovate new residential luxury apartments that fill the gaps in the real estate market.

Since its launch in the field of real estate development, Mobtakeron Realty LLC. has developed into one of the leading companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in this field. Due to the real estate market's need for quality residential projects and the change in the concept of housing for buyers, Mobtakeron Realty LLC. was able to invent a new residential brand under the name of M Residence that aims to develop integrated high rise residential towers.

With continuous innovations and diligent implementation, Mobtakeron Realty LLC. has gained a good reputation in developing exemplary real estate projects that are praised by all dealers in the real estate market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Madian Al Mughamis

Managing Director

"We are driven to deliver supreme quality in all that we do, starting and ending with the most intricate of details that define True Luxury".

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